About Us

Our beers

Expertly crafted • aged when applicable

Banded Oak creates both classic and unique styles of beer aimed and being accessible to both hardcore beer geeks and patio drinkers alike.

With family friends in Napa Valley California, and the access to wine barrels, Banded Oak’s specialty is wine barrel aged beers utilizing the unique and ever changing oak flavor characteristics of those barrels.

While barrel aged brews are their specialty, it wont be the only beers on tap.

Chris Kirk (head brewer) combines both traditional and non-traditional ingredients of the best quality to create Banded Oak’s in house brews.

Banded Oak Brewery focuses on pouring the perfect beer, which happens through their twelve tap system. Small batch bottling is not out of the question down the road however.


Hand crafted • seasoned in Napa

Our barrels at the moment are from the Rutherford region of Napa and are of the Cabernet variety. We hope to have in the near future some Pinot and Chardonnay barrels.


Experience • From Grain to Glass

Will Curtin- owner

Born and raised in Alabama and with family ties to the California wine scene. Will has not exactly had a direct career path that led him to the craft beer. Originally Will was an insurance underwriter right out of college but with the 2008 downturn he decided to leave his corporate day job. So desperate to join the beer business Will was hired to clear glass and wipe tables at Great Divide Brewing Company’s tap room. Soon after being hired Will managed that same tap room for 5 years. Will then decided to go out on his own and start a small brewery that will focus on wine barrel aged beer. With the focus on quality and customer service, Will hopes to cultivate a fun local bar atmosphere that serves delicious fresh beer.


Chris Kirk- head brewer

A Colorado native who spent the 9 years prior to the opening of Banded Oak submersed in the craft beer industry.  A majority of those years spent in the local scene of Denver, combined with small stents of experience and education with breweries/events/and individuals nationally and internationally.  Not to mention plenty of time spent in the garage brewing with friends and family; honing “skills”, “experimenting”, taking in and absorbing surrounding influence (Drinking a lot of beer, and listening to loud loud music), and like every brewer after years developing his passion, through the good times, the best times, the hard times and the harder times, he’s excited to show all of you what he’s learned and what he can do.